4 Heather Court

Residential - 2005

Loft Wedged in Pine Barrens 

House 4 is in Suffolk County Long Island for a humble family of four.  It is approximately 1000 sq feet. Its budget was approximately One hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The idea of the house was for it to be a Wood framed Wedge on grade. The Wedge afforded a high ceiling section for the living space and loft which was open to the dining space. The Wedge form made for a sloping roof which fit in with the context of adjacent houses and responds to the climates rain and snow loads. The horizontal lines of the historical colored siding and the cedar trellis wrapped the Wedge in earth tone colors which complimented the surrounding Pine Barren green brilliance. The most exciting parts of the home for the owners are the three bubbled skylights which draw the line of circulation in the living space, the cedar trellis which holds the balcony from the loft below the metal eyebrow of the wedge face, and of course, the living spaces high ceiling wedge form.