Lincolnshire England                   

Commercial Competition- 2005

Architectural Lines in the Sand             First Place Entry 

Architectural Lines in the Sand forming the Boathouse, Lookout, and Beach Restaurant is the title of this work.  The architecture extends from the landscape to offer a fluid experience from the footpath to the beach. From the footpath, you see the boathouse volume, which ends the “middle” line in the sand. This middle line houses all the services of the project. The beginning allows the boat to have direct access to the beach. The ending connects one back to the main beach path.


The boat house volume curves toward the beach opening up the space to invite one into the projects upper terrace. The upper terrace leads one past the services of the boathouse main entry, the toilets, and kitchen then toward the main space of the restaurant. The restaurant can either be fully enclosed with infill wood panel or open-air canvassed structure depending on the season. If one continues up the ramp you emerge from within this landscape into a dune viewing/ bird watching plateau.  Here one is fully immersed in the landscape of the beach. If one again continuous up, your views expand and you can make your way to the boathouse meeting space.


The main architecture lines in the sand that hold the ramp and structure the beach house services are made out of concrete. This is permanent. The restaurant can be made out of exterior wood and covered by canvas and screen. Infill panels as the season permits. Anyone can enjoy a walk through up and around these lines. Anyone can stop, sit on the steps of the terrace or along the top of the ramp and enjoy the view of the landscape.